IAC Seminar Series

This bi-weekly seminar series where students, posdocs, national researchers and international invited speakers discuss contemporary specialized topics on cosmology.

Venue: Sala “Sandoval Vallarta”  Instituto de Física-UNAM. Time: 13.00 (every other week).

Organizer:Mario A. Rodríguez-Meza, ININ. email: seminarios.iac@gmail.com

Seminar information is distributed to the IAC email list (if you want to receive this or other IAC events, please register here)


List of 2020 speakers

List of 2019 speakers

List of 2018 speakers

List of 2017 speakers

List of 2016 speakers



 The IAC Seminar Series has been possible thanks to CONACyT funding, among other funding bodies.