Unofficially known as “Cosmology on the Beach”, this meeting is a combination of a winter school and a workshop, which will consist of morning lectures given by eminent scholars, and late afternoons of plenary and contributed talks, highlighting recent developments in cosmology. The series of workshops are organized jointly by Instituto Avanzado de Cosmologia and other international institutions (Berkeley Center for Cosmology 2009-2014, Carnegie Mellon University 2016).

Next Cosmology the Beach. January 2018. TBA


Past COTB series

Founding Members of COTB
George Smoot (LBNL, BCCP)
Eric Linder (LBNL, BCCP)
Axel de la Macorra (UNAM, IAC)
Jorge Cervantes (ININ, IAC)



 The COTB Series has been possible thanks to CONACyT funding, among other funding bodies.